Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cutting the Cappuccinos and Croissants

Panera Pastries

I love Panera! I visit one for their delicious cappuccino and chocolate pastry at least twice a week, sometimes three times! Each visit is just under $5.

Even though I'm on track in saving for my trip to Verona, Venezia, Padova e Milano next month, I want to have more-- just in case and to have a really good time. It's very Italian to save.

So, I would like to skip all my Panera visits for the month leading up to my trip, from February 15th to March 15th to be exact. I will also not substitute Panera with Starbucks or something like that. That could possibly be a savings of $60. I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of having a cappuccino in Italy, sitting at a table in a beautiful piazza surrounnded by 500-year-old buildings, because I ran out of money.

I may have to think of a cheap, homemade breakfast food so I don't feel deprived. I love to bake as well as the opportunity to try something new.

I also think this moratorium will help me lessen the frequency of my trips after the month is over, so it becomes a truly every-once-in-awhile special treat again instead of an addiction that really adds up. Being budgeted since I bought my airline ticket in October, I enjoy things more when they don't happen so often. I get so much more out of going out to dinner and buying more than a single item in a store nowadays.

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