Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colors for February

I thought I would celebrate my favorite colors during this month of love, February. My favorite color is dark pink, particularly a dark pink with more red than purple in it than, say, fushsia. I might find it named "raspberry." One of the reasons I like this specific shade is because it reminds me of the color of my favorite flowers, the darker pink azaleas that are always in bloom for me on my mid-April birthday. I swear that the ones in front of my parents' house are a bit darker than the ones I'm finding on the internet...

Though I also adore a deep red, the color of a glass goblet of vino rosso or the hue in the red rose pictured above. My everyday handbag is just such a red. [I wanted to capture the color, but it is, unfortunately, not photographing well on this cloudy day.] My friends notice that I favor red accessories. A cute little red travel alarm clock from L.L. Bean that I ordered for Italy just arrived this week too.

I actually do not have any dark pink earrings anymore. (And earrings are the only kind of jewelry I always wear everyday.) I often daydream of shopping on my upcoming trip to Venice for murano glass earrings; I should find them in this color. I also want a murano glass vase or art piece in this vivid shade. I also can't wait to browse the markets in Venice just for fun, perhaps I'll stumble across the perfect turquoise necklace, a chianti red clutch, or a scarf in a beautiful warm color for my collection.

Browsing on etsy, I came across these...

Isn't the color stunning? I love them! Usually etsy sellers like to pair this color with an antique bronze metal for a vintage look, which is appealing, but most of my jewelry is this bright shiny silver, and I much prefer that sort of setting, it's more me. Even though they're pretty affordable, I might wait 'til after my trip to Italy to purchase them... Maybe not... I could wear them for Valentine's Day... Hopefully I would be out on a date instead of staying in while wearing them!


  1. I love shades of red too. It's such a pretty color. The earrings are lovely.

  2. So pretty... passionate... sophisticated. I think. I remember a rich red was one of your wardrobe colors.

    The earrings are now mine! :) I can hardly wait 'til they arrive and I can wear them!