Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poor Job Market Rant

I usually try to only post about happy things. ...the little things in life I greatly appreciate, how I live life passionately, or something that strikes me as Italian. ...but I must admit that I have come to hate my job. It's a lot of stress, I'm always on call, and I work hard for such a pittance of pay. I suppose I have a limit for that, must be 20 months. I need some respect. ..and apparently a change. I'm beginning not to care about every little aspect of every task and I hate that. A highlight of my job is selling, but few people wander in during the slower months of January and February, so even that sucks! I haven't even told my boss about my Italy trip in March because I truly hoped to not be there by then.

So, I started to apply to jobs in the middle of December, on average it's been about one application a day. I apply somewhere most days, and like today, I often apply to two positions. That must be over 50 jobs. And I haven't head back from a single one, which is truly frustrating. I do receive answers from posting my resume and its cover letter on CareerBuilder. The single phone call I received was for selling insurance to the elderly (which is how I got one of my associates, he ran away from that). And then I receive an e-mail or two a week for being a car salesperson. And another one today for selling insurance. With my great fear of driving and strong desire to give up my 12-year-old car, I somehow don't consider that a match... That's it. I meticulously craft each cover letter, using the same words as the ad and elaborating on them. I'm such a model employee that this is starting to get ridiculous! I understand that there's five unemployed people out there for every vacancy, but I haven't received a single call back from an employer I applied to... It's also frustrating to see "apply for immediate interview" and then see that they continue to post the same ad for multiple weeks. I'm not applying to five jobs a day because I just can't not love my job and there are very few jobs out there.

What I'd really like to do with the rest of my life is work in a study abroad office on a college campus. I feel fortunate to know this. I have even tried this out working as a volunteer in such an office following my study abroad experience. I apply to those when they are nearby because I am restricted to this area by debt. When I have the savings to move out on my own, I can move anywhere in the country for a  job. There have been more entry level jobs out there after the initial hiring freezes duing the first couple years of the recession. Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree in Art History, a liberal art, doesn't get you very far. Though I have seen a couple of job ads that prefer "a college degree."

I apply for many apartment leasing consultant positions. I like the idea of helping people choose their next home. My selling skills would easily transfer. Plus, my next goal after my Italy vacation, is to move out on my own again. This way, I would eventually have an employee discount on rent.

I also apply for receptionist or administrative assistant jobs, ones that do not require experience, but rather "will train energetic person." Many of those want a customer service background which I have in spades.

The only employment experience I have is in retail, a field I no longer like and want to escape. I have 10 years of experience. Would I be over qualified for anything but store manager? Which I definitely do not want. I have applied to a single retail gig, but haven't heard back from them either!

This is very frustrating.


  1. As I've said before, I think you should consider pursuing your license in real estate! You like selling things...why not houses?

  2. I will keep it in mind if I don't get something soon. I did have an interview today, for a leasing consultant position at a local apartment complex so that falls under the real estate umbrella! This is my first job interview in all the six weeks I've been applying for jobs! Isn't that insane? I think it went well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!