Monday, January 10, 2011

Michelle's Movie Review

I have seen three movies this past week. Three! I usually see that many in six months or more! Work has been stressful lately and I like turning off my cell phone so I'm not possibly on call. This movie ...marathon... helped me relax.

First up was Little Fockers which was really good, just as funny and entertaining as the first two! It was great to see both sets of in-laws and Owen Wilson's character back. It wasn't a very crowded theater for the matinee showing I attended, and I had to break the silence and let myself laugh out loud. If you enjoyed the first two, go see the latest installment, like now; you won't be disappointed!

The second one was How Do You Know? You would think that this is my favorite of three because it's a romantic comedy. Different groups of friends of mine have called romantic comedies "Michelle movies" as I love them so much! ...but it was actually my least favorite. I love all three actors, especially Paul Rudd, who's physical comedy is simply fun to watch. It's just that the writing was bad. Often I couldn't believe the characters were saying what they did. Wait 'til it comes out on rental; have a Paul Rudd marathon.

Tonight's movie was The King's Speech. This film was highly rated and I got a rave review from a customer yesterday. Plus I adore Colin Firth, so I had to go see it! It was good, just a plain good story. Going into it I was unsure what century was represented. It turned out it was 1930s Britain, as Hitler was rising to power. British history has always interested me, but I don't wanna lead you astray, this history took a backseat to the story- the speech therapy and the rocky rapport between the royal patient and the speech therapist.

As a girls night with a few of my old high school friends Friday, we may do dinner and a movie... Perhaps I could convince them to see The Tourist? And let Johnny Depp in on our girls night... Is anything else good?

You guys know that I'm saving for my upcoming trip to Italy. So you should also know that I didn't break the bank to see these movies. The first one was a matinee which cost $7.50. The next one was at a theater that only charges $7 all day and night on Wednesdays. And for the third I visited a theater that I received a gift card for at Christmas, so it was free to me! I probably don't see movies in the theater very much because of the high cost.'s been fun this week though.

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