Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration Plans

I love my birthday, which is April 15th, a Friday in 2011. My little trip to Italy in March will be my primary celebration and my gift to myself for the year, but I still wanna mark the day, share it with friends and do something else, especially during my actual birth month. So I've been brainstorming for the perfect thing to do.

I'd really like to hostess and prepare an Italian feast like I did a previous year, but I'll save that for when I have my own place. Another idea I had was to visit Philly; I love Philadelphia, but that's where I was just last year. Traveler that I am, I love being out of town on my birthday, so I have also considered visiting Boston! I've only been to its suburbs; Salem was a highlight for example, so I would love to see the actual city! ...visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner House and the Museum of Fine Art and patronize the very Italian Hanover Street. ...but I don't think I can finance a trip a month after an international one four years in the making...

Piccola Roma on Main Street in historic Annapolis

I'd like this table please.

So, today's Groupon e-mail offered a discount on an Italian restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland called Piccola Roma. I've never been there before. I checked out the dinner menu this morning before work and it looked so delicious! I appreciate a more authentically Italian experience than what the usual Americanized Italian restaurants offer. This place has a big platter of mixed antipasti, but even that authentic-looking dish has major competition among the other appetizer choices! The first appetizer listed is crab and prosciutto, Annapolis and Italian specialities. I love that there's a nod to what's local. The pasta dishes sound wonderful and then the meat and vegetable dishes are under the category reading Secondi meaning the second course following a first course or Primi Piatto of pasta. Maybe I'd do a multi-course meal... for my birthday... Their wine list seems impressive as many of Italy's regions are represented. (They serve breakfast as well!) This ristorante boasts high ratings. Tonight I read glowing reviews on yelp. I'm really looking foward to trying it.

My favorite bar is the charming Galway Bay Pub, which is conveniently just blocks away from my restaurant choice. It's a warm, friendly little bar in an Irish Pub (restaurant), and I would love to have a drink there, an aperitivo if you will, before heading to dinner.

Hopefully I can get a big group of friends to accompany me! Who wants to go?! It's a Friday night, a weekend, if anyone wants to visit...

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