Sunday, November 7, 2010

Style Sunday: I'm a Lucky Girl

I've been actually getting the style items I've been wanting lately! On my budget, that's big!

-My black boots finally came in and I wear them every chance I get.
-I picked up that khaki trench I stumbled across in the mall I work in and had to have.
-Yesterday my parents scored that carved jewelry armoire I wanted for Christmas for cheap because it was a doorbuster and they used a coupon on top. I have to wait 'til Christmas to receive it though...
-I purchased a pair of black pants for work (that I don't have to pay to have hemmed) and a pair of dark blue jeans to wear with a heel, both in my new size, today. I love Levi's, such a classic, these are 515 bootcut, with studs on the back pockets.

After purchasing a pair of pajama pants, I'll have to stop spending and start seriously saving again for my trip to Italy! I'll be stylin'...

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! It's always nice when new clothing items really work out like that. I'm on a spending ban right now so I can save up a little for the holidays and not make it hurt so much with gift buying.