Sunday, October 17, 2010

Style Sunday: Scarves

Thank God it's fall! It was finally cool enough to wear a scarf on top of a jacket yesterday and today. Here is my beloved scarf/ pashmina collection:

This is a pretty good representation of the color in my closet as well...

This IKEA hanger with all the circles is really working out. I may have to purchase another one of these things if a particular scarf or two catch my eye in Italy. There's already one too many on there, as you can see. (I love home organization stuff!) Only like a half dozen or so of my collection were actually purchased in Italy.

My Italy budget has been up a week and I think the only thing I might change is possibly staying in an airport hotel the night before my international flight leaves at 9:30 AM. That is, if I come back. ;) I've never made any promises to!

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