Sunday, October 24, 2010

Style Sunday: Out with the Old and In with the New

1.  I've been wanting to replace my very worn black boots for about five years now I bet. I finally decided on these! They actually resemble the ones I'm trying to replace. These will be my everyday pair of shoes for the fall, so, firstly, a heel under three inches is crucial and, secondly, even though I love a skinny heel, it's a bit rectangular for more stability. My pick is also a short boot so I don't have to wonder if my muscular calf will fit and will be easier to run around in, plus they're $50 cheaper than a taller boot. I find the square toe is more comfortable than a pointy one, especially with my long toes. I like the cute little buckle. I have yet to try them on so hopefully my search will soon be over. My sister and I are going to pick them up on Wednesday.

2. I work in a mall and I had some time to kill this weekend so I wandered around and fell in love with a khaki trench at the Banana Republic Factory Store. Like I said, it's a khaki coat which is lightweight for the fall with a dark brown tortoise-shell belt buckle and buttons which form a single column which I think makes me look less wide when compared to the classic double-breasted variety, (and you guys know how I usually prefer the classic thing.) They didn't have my size and it's a big purchase, so I haven't picked it up yet. I signed up for e-mail coupons so I'd like to wait to see what's the best deal and for it to be my big personal purchase on my next paycheck. Hopefully I can be patient and wait ...because I really want it!

I would be replacing the khaki trench I already own. My old one from Old Navy is a size Large and I think I would probably take a size Small there now... I swim in it, but since it has a belt, I kinda make it work, ...kinda. After seeing its potential replacement, I don't even like the one I've gotten so much use out of anymore! It is edged with multiple rows of visible white stitching, which I could live without. At an Old Navy price, I certainly got my money's worth! When was I last purchasing stuff in large? Years ago.

There are other things I need to replace, like at least another pair of pajama pants and jeans in my size to wear with heels, but those two things I described above are the ones I'm currently truly lusting after.


  1. Also a fan of the single button down in the middle trench coat.

  2. :)

    ...and even though I'm sad to see you go, Stephanie, I so wish you a fabulous time living your life the way you want!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm happy to move on, it was time. Following you on another format now, bloglovin instead of google. I moved everything over to that site so I only had one.