Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Enjoying the little things

I hit up Panera a couple of times a week. Normally, I rush in to grab a coffee (always a cappuccino certo!) before heading across the street to work. However, within a busy schedule today, I fit in time to actually enjoy the experience of having my cup of coffee. I've been loving how the caffeine makes me uber-productive much more than anything else lately. But, today, I ordered my cappuccino in an actual mug with extra foam and dined in. It tasted much better than normal. Maybe it's the mug? Though perhaps it was because it was a different Panera location than my usual one? I usually also have their chocolate pastry too. I also squeezed in this particular outing last Wednesday.  I can hardly wait to have a cappuccino e cornetto next to a sunny piazza in Italy though...

I hope to purchase a plane ticket to Italy this payday, this Friday. :) Stop by Friday to see if I do! And to check out my itinerary! Also, if you'd like to join me or meet me there, then let me know really soon!


  1. I hope you get the ticket! I think things taste better on a real plate or in a real mug too. But perhaps it was just that you took the time to sit and enjoy it right there. I loved this little story, it speaks volumes.

  2. I think I will... :) Check back tomorrow to see if I do! And it's very Italian to drink from a real cup, even a teeny espresso. I'm so glad you enjoyed my post!