Sunday, September 19, 2010

Style Sunday: Recent Closet Additions and Subtractions

I've been trying to create the perfect wardrobe for awhile now. Specifically, a simplified small one that is full of classic pieces and basic staples is what I've had in mind. I've given a whole lot away and, because of a limited budget, I am slowly adding carefully considered, perfect pieces.

My latest thought on the subject is that I want to wear more neutral colors that I can accessorize, especially white paired with black, dark denim, chocolate brown or khaki topped with scarves and jewelry. With my next paycheck I hope to buy a few white tops, possibly from the Gap if their Favorite Tee (of various sleeve-lengths and all) is, in fact, my favorite. Religiously adhering to the "1 in, 1 [or 2] out" decluttering philosophy, I just donated several clothing items to charity. This included three medium blue tops which I wore often, reaching for them whenever I wanted to feel casual. ...but why not feel chic with a more ideal color? The white and dark denim offers striking contrast, a more aesthetic casual. Plus, I can add a colorful scarf to it, not being a bit concerned that a bold color doesn't go with (blah) blue.

In addition, I seriously need to replace my very worn black boots. Hopefully the stores will be overflowing with options by payday Friday. After that, I won't have any more money allotted for clothing for awhile. ...which sucks when I just so happen to be losing some weight and could use some more jeans and work pants... In fact, I told my associate that because of budget, I can't lose any more!

When I posted my sixty-six style staples, I discovered some holes in my desired wardrobe. Filling one of these holes, I bought a knee-length faded denim skirt. It happens to be a pencil skirt since that's what is so ubiquitous right now. I scored it cheap at Old Navy. Already having had a chance to wear it, I feel that my selection is just what I wanted. I also needed a suit for my business trip tomorrow. I sure had perfect timing because The Limited held their suit event recently (where I truly saved with not one, not two, but three fantastic coupons). After trying on several suit jackets, the sales associate helping me out brought another option from the back and it fit me perfectly. It was definitely one of those "ah ha" moments. I am now proud to possess a classic black suit that fits me well. I already had the pants hemmed an inch. At 5'8" I'm average in height but my torso is alittle longer than average and my legs are alittle shorter. So I definitely buy my tailor a whole lot of dinner!

Providence City Hall and the Biltmore Hotel

My business trip is to Providence, Rhode Island and Mansfield, Massachusetts. I'll be staying at the historic Biltmore. I'm pretty excited! It seems to be quite the event, and I think it'll be fun. In addition to just getting the heck out of town, I would love to hang out with some of my colleagues who I speak with on the phone but have never met. I need to publish this so that I can finish my laundry and pack! ...pack my totally kick-ass suit! I plan to update with what I wore each day next Sunday.


  1. Very inspiring post. I like the idea of going with more neutrals and weeding out the blah colors. I'm glad you found the perfect suit for your trip. Have a good time!

  2. I've had a lot of luck at Gap the past six months. (you can see in a recent post how my entire closet is Gap now : )I love how soft and comfortable their tees are. I'm saving for some pants from there.

  3. Hey Stephanie! I'm thrilled to inspire. And thanks; I had a great time!

    Hey Kristi! I'm finding that white is harder to shop for than other more opaque colors. Maybe I'm being too picky... Anyway, I struck out at the Gap, and saw that the online reviews for Old Navy's Perfect Tee report that it's much too thin. The Ann Taylor Factory Outlet is sold out of my size in the t-shirt. I think I'm in between sizes at H&M so I think I'll try on a size up there today. Oh well, I want it to fit well, but I refuse to run all over town for such an easy wardrobe piece, a pretty much out of season one at that.

  4. *White Tee Update*

    I purchased a white scoop neck tee and a white v-neck 3/4 sleeve t-shirt at H&M today. :) I highly recommend them if you want something fitted (and cheap), but not too long or thin.

  5. Stephanie,

    I see that you're weeding out some colors too. Just wanted to say that I *love* the fact that you're keeping colors inspired by France!