Sunday, September 12, 2010

Style Sunday: Murano Glass

I love love love Murano glass! This is colorful blown glass that originated in Venice. This material can be shaped into many forms like jewelry, vases, glasses, and sculptures. Its composition is more elastic, therefore, it is less fragile than regular glass. According to the law, the workshops moved to a nearby island called Murano. I love shopping for it in Venice. Right now, I only have a couple of pieces. You see, the last couple times I was there, I was thrilled to pick up cute pieces of glass to give close friends and family. a little goldfish inside a solid bowl for example. So next time I hope to pick up lots of jewelry, beads to fill clear vases, and home decor items for myself. I plan to have a Murano glass chandelier over my dining table one day...

I hope to visit Italy again next spring! The only thing holding me back is financing it. Even if it's under a week in Venice in March, staying in hostels, that's okay! Heck, I'd still be there! I certainly have enough motivation to save money. I haven't been to Italy since 2007 and can hardly wait to return! Rick Steves' Venice 2011 just arrived in the mail. So, now, I'm getting even more excited at the possibility! This could be my chance to visit Murano, for the first time. I could also visit the nearby towns of Verona, Vicenza and Padua. I hope to post about my travel plans after having purchase plane tickets, hopefully later this fall...

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  1. I think Murano glass is beautiful! I hope you get to go back to Italy. I have never been there but it sounds so magical.