Sunday, September 26, 2010

Style Sunday: Business Trip Attire

I had such a good time on my business trip! (More on that soon, I promise! Always the professional, however, you'll have to call or e-mail me for all the juicy details as I will not be posting the full story online.)

Anyway, without further ado, this is what I wore...

In transit, I wore a brown sweater with a dark pink cami underneath, dark blue jeans and knee-high brown heeled boots (which is not the smartest thing to wear to go through the airport security checkpoint!). After arriving at the hotel, I changed out of my jeans and into a brown wool skirt. That night we went out to a fancy dinner.

My Beloved Brown Wool Skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT

The next day, the dress code was "Professional Business Casual." I wore my black suit jacket and pants with a light blue striped shirt tucked in. That evening for yet another fancy dinner, I switched to my (super cheap) Target black sheath dress with a (not-so-cheap) wide black belt. My roommate complimented me on my dress. I also topped it with a black cardigan that I didn't take off. I paired my plain black pumps with both. Walking to all these dinners, I topped everything off with my H&M black trench. This is a whole lotta black for the evening, but, hey, I try to pack lightly.

On the third day, "Business Casual" was recommended. I wore a printed pink, red and black silky wrap top over a black cami. I just wore my black pants again and not the black pencil skirt I brought. This is the day we were away from the hotel, and I so wished I had brought my cardigan because I was freezing! Remember, people, layers for travel! On the bus en route to dinner on a yacht, I took off the wrap top and threw on a dark pink v-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater (which I left on the bus so was unable to retrieve during the day).

The last day I wore a lavender striped shirt over a white camisole with khaki pants and pewter ballet flats. Of course, I wore a name badge on a lanyard the whole time too. I didn't change before heading to the airport.

I felt really good in these beautiful clothes. And professional, which is really important to me, especially since I am much younger than just about everyone else. I could have brought more clothes to change, to go out at night for example, but I just had a beer at the hotel bar a couple of nights. ...and I would have been partying with a couple of my superiors. What would have been right, then? ...what the heck am I saying? I'm so modest and my closet certainly reflects that!

We're having a family dinner today to celebrate the September birthdays. My dad's making lasagna and I can hardly wait! What should I wear? Probably not the white tee I'm currently wearing because...

Michelle + white shirt + tomato sauce + red wine = potential disaster

LOL, so maybe that printed pinkish wrap top? It is really cute.