Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie Recommendation

The movie "Letters to Juliet" came out this week. I really have to love something to buy it, and I'm so glad I did! In fact, I've watched it a couple times already and simply left it on in the background other times. The movie's actually two love stories in one romantic comedy. There are accents everywhere, which I adore, including the male lead... The characters are just so hilarious! It's set in Italy. Verona, Siena and the Tuscan countryside to be exact. I totally want to be in Verona's warm-hued and lit up piazza at sunset, one of which was beautifully captured in the movie. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend this movie!

Unfortunately, not the image in the movie. ...but isn't it beautiful? This is Piazza BrĂ¡.

I actually saw it in theaters. I was off one day in the spring and drove down to Annapolis, Maryland to hit the Amish food market, shop for books and tops in the shopping center there, eat at Potbelly for the first time (delicious!) and catch the matinee. The movie was better than I expected. It was a perfect morning and afternoon.

Verona was my very first stop on my very first trip to Italy. It was a basically a lunch break traveling from Malpensa airport in Milan to our first major city, Venice. A group of us ate Margherita pizza and drank white wine at a sidewalk cafe right across from the Roman amphitheater. The highlight of the stop was seeing Juliet's balcony and her statue in the courtyard below. Juliet can help you find a lover if you simply rub her right breast, which is bright and shiny when compared to the rest of statue. It was also our group's opportunity to check out the teeny Smart Cars up close.

I said I wanted to spend more time there someday, and, hopefully, I'll get to when I make my triumphal return to Italy next spring. If I can afford to purchase a plane ticket this fall, then I think I manage to finance it. (If so, I will also update with more details on my trip budget.) It would definitely be Verona, Venice with a stop in Padua. Giotto's decoration of the Scrovegni Chapel is in Padua and is pretty big stuff in Art History. I need to be in Italy, to have that awe-inspiring aesthetic beauty surround me... 

A girlfriend and I talked about it at a happy hour yesterday, and she's interested in meeting me there, as part of a bigger European excursion for herself. I would love to share it with someone! We had wine and appetizers at a local Italian restaurant. It was cheap ...and fun. Food and friends, what else do you need?

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  1. We just saw this movie last weekend -- loved it as well!